Flat Earth Frenzy

I was in a trolling mood several days ago, so when I stumbled upon a Facebook group of the Flat Earth Society, I immediatelly came up with a total trollish nonsense and sticked it on their wall. The outcome was much better than I expected and I feel compelled to share it with you.

The main reason for such an abundant harvest is that almost all the commenters seemed to believe that I actually mean it, which was either because they have no sense of humor, or that they've met someone who actually believed that the Earth is flat (e.g. here).

Because seriously… Does the Bible not teach that the Earth is flat? Well, not directly, but you could make a sigbificant case that biblical writers did live with that notion. Let us only consider Job 37,18, Ps 104:2, Is 40:22, Ez 7:2, Mt 4:8, 2Pt 3:5 and Rev 7:1. And do you know how many times does the Bible tell us that the Earth is a relativelly smaller ball orbiting around big ball of burning gas, which is only one among gazillions in gazillions of gallaxies? Not a single time.

The original thread is still available under this link, but you can read and laugh right here.


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  1. Obviously, school hasn't started yet, so you have free time on your hands :)

    Your proposal to Andrew Hanks made me really laugh.