Index of Articles in Journals Focused on Pentecostal Studies

Pentecostal studies are a developing and quite variegated field both in variety of its currents and in the material that researchers are required to handle. As a teacher at a pentecostal bible school and a researcher in pentecostalism, I've always recognized it as my duty to get to know this field as thoroughly as possible. At the same time, I've been finding it difficult to gather sources that would help me with my writing. I just needed to have everything in one place. (Remember that I'm based in a country where no substantial theological library focused on pentecostal studies exists.)

This is why I decided to set up an index of pentecostal journals followed by index of all articles in these journals. By the end of 2019, I put together the index of pentecostal peer-reviewed/scholarly journals. Then on Christmas and in January, I began to gather data from journal websites and created the actual table with all articles in these journals. I wrote some simple PHP and Javascript tricks to automate this process, to copy abstracts from publisher's web­sites and to fetch catalog data from the Crossref API.

I found the first version of this index really helpful while working on a paper for our Czech symposium on pneumatology, so I decided to continue this effort. However, since I'm entering the mid-stage of my dissertation writing and since my family keeps growing in numbers, I find it extremely difficult to maintain this project and advance it toward a really definite and full-blown catalog. The most important problem is that some articles have abstracts in PDF, which requires manual copying and some articles have no abstracts at all. The final version must provide abstracts and keywords for each article to help the researcher select only the most important and necessary items.

This is where You might step in and help. You could especially:

  1. Manually find and fill the missing abstracts and keywords.
  2. Write the missing abstracts.
  3. Manually fill pagination where it is missing. (This is important for automatic sorting of articles in the right order!)
  4. Alert me when new issue or new journals appear.
  5. Suggest and design improvements in data processing.
  6. Suggest new additions and venues for this project. (I'm planning to add JPT Sup. Series. Other suggestions?)

I'm providing this data as-is with no warranty and no license. You may adapt this project and do your own thing or just join my efforts. The only thing I'd be not happy to see is if someone tried to capitalize on this, sell it or otherwise exploit it at the expense of your comrade's neig­hbor's needs.

I'm obviously willing to share the PHP and Javascript source codes and explain the ways how I did it so that you might proceed on your own.

This is the data:

Articles are now sorted chronologically. To recover the original sorting, all page ranges must be filled. Obviously it is possible to split the index into individual journals, if necessary.

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