My God is smiling at me!

Jael Puusaag's book called My God is smiling at me! cover.

I believe, God gave me these poems so that I would tell others about God's great love for us. He has taught me, that even during the most painful and difficult days He loves me so much that He smiles to me! His love is unconditional and endless, I can always find a hiding place in His arms. And this is true for you too! So whatever happens in your life, remember,
He loves you so much that He smiles at you!
Jael Puusaag on the book's cover

Author: Jael Puusaag
ISBN: 978–9985–9893–7–1
Pages: 92

Fascination about poetry is no secret characteristics of mine. That is (partly) why have I read rich collection of poems named “My God is smiling at me!” by estonian christian writer Jael Puusaag. And as every poem of all the 26 is sorted by year of its occurence, we can follow her spiritual footsteps in time (years 2005–2007). As the matter of thematic set, title of the collection perfectly fits its content: Jael simply writes about God as loving, powerful Savior, as the Provider of peace and rest.

As I finished reading all the 92 pages of precious christian poetry, i decided to point on several characteristic strophes as well as write down some notes.

Christ is praying

Christ is praying, did you see Him?
Did you hear His quiet voice?
He for you is interceding
that God would be your only choice.
(p. 9)

I appreciate cleverness of this kind of verses. The sound match is brilliant: … see Him? – interceeding.


Viděls', jak se Kristus modlí?
Slyšels' jeho tichý hlas?
Prosí, aby vyvolili
Boha Bohem všichni z nás.

“Trust in me!”

He knows your thoughts, and plans, and wishes;
He loves you even when you fail!
His hand is full of Heaven's riches…
and this is NOT a fairy-tale!
(p. 11)

Is able to think even less-bounded verses through.

Lord, behold, I am your servant…

Lord, behold, I am Your servant.
Please come and lead me in Your way.
May I be poured out in service,
obeying Your voice every day!

May I see those who are grieving
and bring them comfort from Your heart.
May I listen to the breathing
af those who feel just torn apart.
(p. 13)

Author expresses compassion to the exhausted on many places. She calls every Christian not to brokenly rely on their own strenght, but to deliver themselves into the arms of God almighty, to dwell and rest in His merciful presence.

Come to the Father

when each of them just adds a wd ish:
Your friends and pastor help in this,
“This is the way you should behave:
by being strong and bold and brave!”
(p. 16)

I love you just the way you are;
I want to heal your every scar.
I chose the color for your eyes
and it was I who formed your size!
(p. 17)

Still find it hard to come to Me?
Then lift your eyes to Calvary!
My love for you has been so big,
it cost My life to set you free!
(p. 18)

She presents true piety, which dances in the midst of deed-making and afterlife-points-scoring, being free, restful and conscious of God's parental lo­ve.

God, the master artist

Now, let's go and spend an hour
on a meadow eith the flowers!
You say again: “Ah it's just grass”.
But please, DO look before you pass!
(p. 20)

So do you want to see some more?
Let's walk to nature's music store!
Let's go and listen to some birds,
enjoy their worship without words!
(p. 21)

“For I know my plans…”

How many times we, people, do
seek from God to live pain-free:
“‘I have plans to prosper you…’
that's what the Bible says to me!”
(p. 34)

The touch of Jesus

So, you run and try to hide
all your struggles deep inside,
thinking: “I will let no one see,
what really happens inside me!”

But, my friend, just let me say:
I know Someone who has a say
to heal the deepest wounds in me,
to bring my heart to liberty!
(p. 45)

“Nothing is too hard for Me!”

Don't even think: “It cannot be!”
NOTHING is too hard for Me!
I move the mountains, split the seas,
heal the sick, set captives free.
(p. 52)

“Do not be afraid!”

Listen, oh my friend so dear,
you say that life is full of fear,
that all the worries for tomorrow
don't let you sleep and bring you sorrow!
(p. 61)

How far is Jesus from your door?
The distance between knees and floor!
He says: My child, please do not fear,
I've promised you, I will stay near!
(p. 63)

David, little shepherd-boy

But this is not a job for kings…
they need to fight and not to sing!
How can I be strok and lead?
What will my brothers think of me?
(p. 69)

“The freedom in Christ”

Other people everywhere
seek the Lord, hope He is near.
They wash their faces, hands and heads,
five times a day they bow their heads.

We know for sure, Christ set us free!
So we will live eternally
with God in Heaven, because of grace
we'll see Him there from face to face!

We don't need to worry now,
about exactly when and how,
in what position we should pray,
what words exactly we should say.
(p. 75)

When we are sad or full of fears,
He'll comfort us and wipe our tears.
Or when we see a loved one die,
He'll still accept us when we cry!
(p. 76)

God of impossible

“Nothing is too hard for Me!
Just look around, you'll clearly see:
The mighty rocks and oceans big,
I made them all with one word: "BE”!"
(p. 79)

From the problems, turn your eyes
to the Lord of sea and skies.
And as you do so, you will see:
(p. 80)

How to be a godly king?

When Solomon became a king,
he was so blessed in everything.
His wisdom, riches, strenght and power
seemed to grow with every hour.
(p. 90)